Waiting to board a train to work this morning, in my Northeastern sweatshirt, a man struck up a convo about how our hockey team just won the Beanpot. Chatted for a few min about the game and life in general; when the train arrived and only had room for one more person, he let me take the spot so I wasn't late!


On Saturday, my friend took me out for drinks even though I know she wasn’t thrilled to go out. She was exhausted from babysitting but still made an effort to see me which really meant a lot!



This morning I took my little brother to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast before he had to go to school. We sat down once we got our food and a man, obviously rushing to work, went out of his way to nicely ask us if we had ordered a breakfast sandwich and if we did it was at the counter. So nice of him to check on us!