When I was driving today, I was in a lane I realized I shouldn't be in and I needed to switch lanes ASAP. I was waiting for what seemed to be 10 minutes when finally someone let me through. I was so grateful for the small gesture.


Today I woke up sick and my roommate came back from class. As we were talking I was making breakfast. When I finished eating, my roommate had already started doing my dishes. I said to her, "No it's okay, I got it" and she replied, "No, you don't feel good. Rest." It was so sweet of her.



I left my lunch box in class for the second time this week and one of my classmates picked it up and waited in the building for me to come back and get it. Most people would have just left it in the classroom, like the first time it happened. So it was really nice of him to grab it for me.