I left my lunch box in class for the second time this week and one of my classmates picked it up and waited in the building for me to come back and get it. Most people would have just left it in the classroom, like the first time it happened. So it was really nice of him to grab it for me.


Today I came home from a long day of classes to my roommate unloading our dishwasher. I offered to help, but she refused. She said that she notices how often I do it, and she wanted to give me a break. While this wasn't necessary, I really appreciated her intention.



Today, someone from a class approached me. We had not ever spoken or been introduced before, so we were practically strangers. They approached me and asked, “are you ready for the test today?” As we both knew we had a test in our class that day, just in a few short hours. I was surprised this person approached me and asked how I felt. It was a breath of fresh air. It was so nice that they reached out and initiated conversation. I replied, “ready as I’ll ever be” and they responded “same”. We continued to have short small talk back and forth discussing certain worries for the exam. As we were talking, I was thinking how thoughtful and sociable they were. I wondered to myself why I didn’t start conversation with others more when I know how nice it feels to conversate. After a few minutes we parted our ways and told one another good luck.