My friend Elizabeth served a 7 course themed dinner for our group of friends. She worked the entire night in the kitchen, and even took a day off of work to prepare it all. When I asked to pitch in for the cost, she replied, "I love doing this. Just enjoy!" I'm inspired by her amazing hospitality.


11/6 My finances are kind of low lately so I haven't been getting my nails done like I normally do, and of course everywhere I go women have their nails done and I'm so jealous. But while going for a drive my boyfriend randomly stopped outside of a nail salon and told me to get a gel manicure on him!



11/5 My grandma is kind of lonely, so my boyfriend and I decided to take her out to lunch with us at Friday's. We planned on paying for ourselves and her, but when the check came she insisted she pay for all of us. I felt a little guilty but then very grateful that she always takes care of us :)