11/5 My grandma is kind of lonely, so my boyfriend and I decided to take her out to lunch with us at Friday's. We planned on paying for ourselves and her, but when the check came she insisted she pay for all of us. I felt a little guilty but then very grateful that she always takes care of us :)


11/4 I've been into eating healthier lately and have been making smoothies for breakfast. I was staying at my grandma's house this week and my mom brought my siblings over to visit. My youngest brother brought me 2 pears he got from school and said "here Kirah, now you can make a smoothie!" He's so sweet :)



11/3 One of my friends who I haven't seen in a few months texted me today just to say hi and check up on me. I was feeling kind of lonely that day, so it was nice to know that someone was thinking of me!