11/2 So I took my siblings trick or treating on Halloween, and even though my mom didn't let them keep their candy and they were sad, they still texted me this morning to tell me how happy they were that I took them because if I hadn't, they wouldn't have been able to go :)


11/1 I was sad and decided to treat myself to some pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts. I ordered the smallest amount on the menu, and was busy on my phone as I waited. Once I left the building and opened the bag I noticed the cashier had given me double! I wish I had noticed before I left to thank her :)



11/2/17: Today my Dad surprised me by buying me three new pairs of jeans and bringing them to me in Boston. A few days prior, I had told him that most of my jeans didn’t fit properly and that I really only had one/two pairs that I wore regularly. This was very nice of him and it made me extremely appreciative.