10/30/17: Today I went to the movies and ordered a medium popcorn and a medium soda. The worker behind the counter told me that he was going to make them both a large for no extra cost. This made me feel happy because he didn’t have to do this but he wanted to make a difference in my day. I was very appreciative


10/29/17: Today my parents invited me to a concert in Northampton, MA. When they called to invite me to the show I was grateful because they could’ve easily invited some of their friends to go with them but instead they thought of me. We had a great time together and I appreciated the fact they chose to invite me



10/28/17: Today at practice I was conditioning in the outfield when a teammate of mine was kind enough to bring out a bottle of water for me. It was a hot day and he must’ve noticed that I didn’t have any water with me. I told him that it meant a lot to me that he would do that out of his generosity.