I was in line at Dunkin Donuts and there was about four people in front of me and all I wanted was a coffee. Luckily one of the employees made an extra coffee by mistake and suddenly asked everyone in line if we wanted the coffee and she said it was for free. No one wanted the coffee so I respectfully asked to have it and she was gladly excepting that I took it rather than her throwing it away.


I left my bag in my friend’s apartment who is on the team and we had to get up early for practice, I totally forgot I left my bag there and he noticed that I did so he brought my bag without me asking.



I was working one of the hockey games which started at 7pm and I had to dress up very nicely (suit and tie). My friend texted me during the game to ask what I was doing and told him I was working, but he wanted me to go out after. I told him I did not have a pair of clothes to change into so he said I can just wear some of his clothes. Then I was able to leave the game and change being able to go out with him and our friends.