A couple of coworkers at my work-study job asked if I wanted to grab lunch with them today. I couldn't, since I had a midterm to go to, but it was nice because I don't really get a lot of social interaction at that job since I'm both a student first and part-time.


My mom texted me, last minute, to go out to dinner tonight because she was in town for work. She could've gone home after her long day but instead she reached out and it was nice to have my mom ask me to do something with her. Makes me happy to know that she's thinking of me when she comes into Boston.



Last night I learned that Gordon Hayward accidentally broke his ankle in the NBA opener. Since then, I've been extremely sad. However, I feel a lot better after my Storytelling class this morning when my professor talked about appreciating the little things in life, which made me realized how blessed I am.