My suitemates woke me up with their noise (as usual), and that put me in a bad mood. My mom, who is 8 hours ahead and had a really long day herself, stayed up and let me vent to her on Skype about everything, and then just stayed on while I got my day started. Always so grateful for her.


Today I spoke with a friend who just received a co-op from the company that I work at. She was so intrigued to hear what I had to say about the company and it made me feel good that she wanted to listen to my opinions. I am so excited for her to start in the spring and that I get to see her around the office.



I ordered an Uber today to get to my Doctor's appointment and he got a really great conversation started for the whole ride (after waiting more than he had to for me to find him). Always grateful to encounter friendliness and good conversation!