Today before an exam, my professor took time to have us all think about something that we are really great at. She wanted us to keep this thought in mind as we took the exam so we would bring that mindset, that we are skilled, into the exam.


I have been stressing out about which job I should take in San Francisco. Last minute, my advisor, Bill, was able to meet with me today to calm me down and talk through my options. I LOVE BILL and he deals with so much of my BS. I am grateful for him every day, but today he really helped me stay grounded.



I am grateful for the TV show RuPaul's Drag Race because it always puts me in a great mood. One of my favorite queens is Trixie. I learned tonight that she grew up in an abusive home and her step dad used to yell at her, "stop being a trixie." She reclaimed the name years later, using it as her drag personality!!