My brother and sister called me and we got the chance to catch up and laugh together (rare because of our schedules). The best part was that before we hung up, they surprised me with 2 tickets for So You Think You Can Dance for the following night (Friday, 10/13) and told me to invite a friend :)



This afternoon, I ran into one brother from my fraternity who I haven't had a proper conversation with for a long time, so we decided to grab food from Chicken Lou's because both of us were starving. We brought our food to Marino, and we talked for a good hour. I was very glad that I got to catch up with him.



I live in Boston & I got a job offer in San Francisco. Today I told my best friend how excited I was, and she started crying. She's scared that we will lose touch and she feels "abandoned." I comforted her, saying this would never be the case, all the while thinking how lucky I am to have a friend like her.