This afternoon, I ran into one brother from my fraternity who I haven't had a proper conversation with for a long time, so we decided to grab food from Chicken Lou's because both of us were starving. We brought our food to Marino, and we talked for a good hour. I was very glad that I got to catch up with him.


I live in Boston & I got a job offer in San Francisco. Today I told my best friend how excited I was, and she started crying. She's scared that we will lose touch and she feels "abandoned." I comforted her, saying this would never be the case, all the while thinking how lucky I am to have a friend like her.



I got home at 11:30pm from a concert. I have five interviews in the morning and at the time I hadn't decided on what I was going to wear yet. Even though it was almost midnight, my mom FaceTimed with me for 20 minutes to help me plan it out.