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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Infinite Good. If you have a question that is not listed here, email us at good@infinitegood.com and we'd be happy to answer it for you.

What is the Infinite Good?

The Infinite Good is a website where people share inspiring experiences about others. Together, these small stories add up to something much bigger than ourselves.

What is an inspiring experience?

We believe an inspiring experience is something good that someone does for you or something good that you witness others doing.

They can be big or small events. The random stranger that returns your lost wallet. The volunteer you see delivering meals to seniors every Tuesday. The funny dance your child performs in the middle of the grocery store.

We're witness to these moments every single day and they inspire us to pay it forward in some way.

Can a negative experience be inspiring?

Sure. We believe that some negative experiences can be turned into positive ones.

For example, the rude customer at the coffee shop inspires you to tip your barista. The bravery your mother shows going through chemotherapy inspires you to change your career. The high school crush you never asked out inspires you to pursue your future spouse.

We can't deny that negative events are a part of life, but we believe they can inspire us to live better.

Why should I share one of these experiences on this site?

We usually don't record these small moments or think about how they affect us. And we usually don't see these experiences shown together. But we think it might change us for the better if we do.

How does my story make a difference?

Every story makes a difference. This website visualizes our individual experiences as a collective thread. Instead of your stories existing alone, they now have a place where they can speak together, creating a larger voice for good people in the world.

If you connect to our site via Facebook, you can see all of the inspiring stories you've shared. Also, you can collect the posts that others have shared. We think it's a great way to read positive stories all in one place.

How does it work?

It's pretty easy. Here's a simple breakdown:

Look and Listen

When you see or experience something that inspires you, take note of it. Use our mobile app for the iPhone to enter it right when it happens, or record it later by visiting this website.

Show and Tell

Write about the inspiring experience. Or just choose a word and a color that express your feelings. You can also add a photo to your story, which we all know tells a thousand words.

Share and Reflect

Your story goes into the main collection, but you can also share with your friends by posting it to Facebook. Plus, your personal collection allows you to look back on the things that have inspired you over time.

How do I get started?

You can get started right now. Feel free to share something that happened in the past or something that happened just now.

The stories can be expressions of gratitude, dedications to those who have influenced you, or just a simple appreciation for something really nice. It's up you!

I like this idea! How can I be more involved?

Great! We like it too. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with our news.

We’re working on ways for people to become more involved, but for now, just drop us a line to let us know you're interested.

One last question… why did you create this site?

Glad you asked. Click here to read about our story.

The inspiring experience and
passionate belief.

Below is the brief story of how the Infinite Good came to be, in the words of our designer and founder.

The story has humble beginnings.

The idea was actually inspired by a collection of letters and thank you notes posted in a gas station. The notes were simple stories of kindness and charity, acknowledging the owner of the gas station for his generous help.

While I hadn't actually witnessed any of the events, the expressions of gratitude filled me with a great sense of hope. And I wanted others to feel the same way.

I realized something at that moment.

I observed people doing good things for each other every day, but I rarely shared these moments or how they inspired me.

But what if I did? And what if others did the same? What if there was a place where everyone could see and express gratitude, or tell a story about something good that just happened to them? And how might a collection of these inspiring stories change way we look at the world?

I felt compelled to create something.

With an idea in mind, I set out to respond to these questions. With the helpful input from numerous people and the talent of some generous friends, the Infinite Good is here today, presented here for you to take part.

By making our invisible inspiration more visible, the Infinite Good encourages people to reflect on the positive potential of their experiences with others.

You play a part in our story.

I could say that the Infinite Good team is a designer and two developers that created a website and a mobile app. But in reality, we think it's much bigger. It's an inspiring experience that we share with all of you.

Our story is actually your story. The Infinite Good becomes the stories that you share, the collective thread that you help to weave.

We believe that by sharing our inspiring experiences about others, we might be able to change the way we think, the way we live, and the way we act—all for the better.

We hope you believe the same.

We believe in making this a
positive experience for everyone.

Sharing stories can be quite personal, and people often have different ideas of what "good" means to them, or what an "inspiring experience" might be. To help you understand the values of our community, we put together a few important things to help you know what to share and what not to share.

We think stories should focus on people.

Stories on the Infinite Good should be about people, not things. We understand that inspiration can come from many places (businesses, organizations, products, etc.), but we prefer content about people. Feel free to mention a place you were or someone from an organization that inspired you, but please don't use this site to advertise or promote specific products or services.

We prefer to tell stories about others, not ourselves.

The aim of the Infinite Good is to focus on the actions of others, not ourselves. Self-reflection is great, but self-promotion is not the goal. We encourage good deeds, but try and keep your stories about others and how they inspired you to pay it forward.

We believe in the Golden Rule.

We ask that when you write about someone else, you treat them the way you would like to be treated. Please don't criticize or disgrace those you post about. We know that negativity can lead to positivity, but please be thoughtful when sharing about others. And if you choose to submit a picture of someone, please ask permission if you can.

We prefer original content.

Stories that use your own words and your own photos are the most authentic kind, the kind that others are inspired by. We like inspiring links and media too, but it's best if those remain on the website they belong to.

We want to keep it clean.

We believe that the things listed on this page should be pretty easy to follow. But please understand that we reserve the right to remove your story if we feel the content doesn't fit on the site. We don't like deleting stories, but it's important to maintain the integrity of the Infinite Good concept for our community.

We think some things are off limits.

By participating on this site and using our mobile app, we ask that the things you share in your stories is what we deem to be acceptable. When you submit stories to Infinite Good (the legal term we use is "Content"), you agree to the following:

You will not post Content that uses foul or explicit language.

You will not post Content that is sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, or pornographic in nature.

You will not post Content that exploits or is intended to harm children.

You will not post Content that promotes hate speech, including the promotion of hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

You will not post Content that promotes violence or threatens people.

You will not post Content that includes the intellectual property rights of others without their permission, or otherwise violates their rights to privacy or publicity.

You will not publish another person’s personal and confidential information.

You will not mislead or confuse viewers by pretending to be someone else.

You will not engage in illegal activities or promote dangerous and illegal activities.

You will not intentionally interfere with the use of Infinite Good, including by transmitting viruses or malicious code.

You will not use Infinite Good to violate any law that might apply to you or Infinite Good.

You will not access, use, or exploit Infinite Good or Content on the Infinite Good for any commercial purposes.

You are welcome to flag any story in the collection or report suspected violations via email (good@infinitegood.com). But we at Infinite Good reserve the sole right to determine whether a violation has occurred and what actions to take in response to a reported violation.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything posted above, please contact us via email at good@infinitegood.com

We'd like to keep in touch.

Whether you have a comment, a suggestion, or just want to share something nice, feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at good@infinitegood.com.

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Information that Infinite Good Collects

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The words, stories, and images (“Content”) that you submit for inclusion in Infinite Good may reveal personal information about you and the subjects of that Content. We ask that you obtain permission from others and that you carefully consider the information that you want to disclose about yourself and others in the public forum that Infinite Good provides. Please be thoughtful and decent. Once you choose to share Content through the Infinite Good, that Content could potentially be copied and re-shared by others with access to the Infinite Good.

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We would transfer information about you if the Company (or Infinite Good) is acquired by or merged with another company or reorganizes itself into another company. In this event, Infinite Good will attempt to notify you before information about you becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

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We reserve the right to to edit or delete any or all of the Content you provide to Infinite Good. We do this for the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity and intention of the Infinite Good, and to respect those that may not be covered by the policies above. If you have any questions regarding what constitutes proper usage of the website and mobile application, please refer to our Our Values page.

Confidentiality and Security

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